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Our services are about the words: emails, blogs, website content, SEO content. The words convey your message. Your message makes the sale.

If you don’t have an idea how the words should work, it’s probably time to review your marketing strategy. Frizzera Ink can employ a variety of models that create guidelines for your business, and help define exactly what you should be doing.

SEO Content: Search Engine Optimized content can be provided after an initial diagnostic review of your website. This review will score the present content on a variety of parameters and will be accompanied by an estimate of work which needs to be performed.

Ghosting: Social strategy is an excellent way to get the word out, but who has time for that? Frizzera Ink can create a FaceBook or Twitter account for you. After an initial meeting we create online personas that match your current marketing strategy.

  • FaceBook Ghost Creation
  • Twitter Ghost Creation
  • Six month package for each
  • One year package for each

Blogs allow you to share thoughts, strategy and news with your clients. Blogs can be ghost written on a daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.

  • Daily blog
  • Weekly blog
  • Monthly blog

Digital Marketing Package:

Brochures, catalogs, white papers and marketing collateral are still relevant in the internet age. Frizzera Ink can write the copy and also offers a full service layout and design shop for your projects. Once the project is complete, we’re also available for bidding it out to our printer contacts.


Clients who choose to have FCC act as their marketing consultant will receive an initial meeting to outline the scope of the consultancy. A set number of hours will be defined, along with which day of the week FCC will appear at their offices.

Contact Information

John G. Frizzera, Jr.
443-845-7329 (cell)

Who Are Our Clients?

FrizzeraInk welcomes clients of any size — if you're an entrepreneur that needs help with writing a sales presentation or a vice president of marketing who needs a pinch hitter for a last minute project — we're ready to work with you.

What Are We About?

Our mission is to help our clients grow. We believe strongly in the statement: Be. Do. Have. We apply it not only to ourselves, but to our clients.

What Are Our Services?

Here's a simple test to determine if you need our services: Does it need words? If yes, then contact us. If no, don't forget us when the answer is yes. For a complete listing of services, click on the Services page.