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Step by Step Daycare

“Frizzera Ink created website and brochure copy for my business. Easy to work with and excellent turn around time.”
Gabrielle Flowers, Owner

August Interactive

“The content written for our clients’ site was exactly what they wanted. Frizzera Ink allowed for a perfect marriage of design and words.”
Anna Martin, Owner

“Working with John has been educational and entertaining. He combines marketing knowledge with creativity and an open mind. He’s been a huge help.”
Terry Ledford, Owner

The Buddy Project, Inc.

“FrizzeraInk was very easy to work with. Great writing and speedy turn around time.”
Eric D. Zimmerman

Sinuate Media

“John delivered thoughtfully crafted revisions of our website copy that helped clarified our messaging. This will go a long way in communicating to potential clients.”
Leah Messina, Owner

Sora Holdings

“Frizzera Ink provided first rate consulting services for our promotional video and related marketing collateral. From the initial intake session to the last draft, they were professional, creative and efficient.”
Tim Elliott

Contact Information

John G. Frizzera, Jr.
443-845-7329 (cell)

Who Are Our Clients?

FrizzeraInk welcomes clients of any size — if you're an entrepreneur that needs help with writing a sales presentation or a vice president of marketing who needs a pinch hitter for a last minute project — we're ready to work with you.

What Are We About?

Our mission is to help our clients grow. We believe strongly in the statement: Be. Do. Have. We apply it not only to ourselves, but to our clients.

What Are Our Services?

Here's a simple test to determine if you need our services: Does it need words? If yes, then contact us. If no, don't forget us when the answer is yes. For a complete listing of services, click on the Services page.